It is with much sadness that we heard, on Wednesday last week, of the loss of this stalwart of the Choir. Norman was a founding member of the Waldershelf Singers, just over fifty years ago, and was an experienced singer, performing not just in Choirs around the region, but as an accomplished soloist. His deep and very strong bass voice was always an anchor in the occasionally perilous seas of choral singing!

Above all that he shall be remembered for – his constant desire to sing and perform, to be there with us, supporting us in our every endeavour and never complaining about the pain and discomfort that he must have been increasingly suffering – is his sense of humour.

I’ll always remember the day when I went to pick him up to drive to a concert somewhere, and asked him how he was. His answer was, with no small glint in his eye, in a slightly exaggerated expression of the vernacular, dismissive as ever of how he really felt, “I’m better than what I was, when I wasn’t as good as what I am”. And he revealed how sharp he was, when I unwittingly responded to this, saying “and how good is that, Norman”, to which he replied “it’s better than what it was, when it wasn’t as good as what it is”

He leaves us with that amusing expression of his undaunted spirit. He was an old soldier, whose enthusiasm for singing never dimmed. He will be up there now, anchoring the Choir Invisible with the deep and secure sound of his inimitable bass voice.

Thanks, Norman. We’re going to miss you.

John Anstie