It seems to me that there are times when we most need to write about stuff that’s going on, because there is so much going on! In consequence, ironically, we have much less time to do so (not to mention a sufficiently uncluttered brain to make sense of it all!).

Anyway, if you’ll bear with me, I shall bring you up to date with all that has happened at the Waldershelf Singers!

In March this year, our friend, the young and talented musician that was our Musical Director, Adam Barlow, announced that he was going to have to leave the Choir. He had to move to another part of the country for his day job! It is not too far away, but far enough, practically speaking, to prevent him from continuing to act as our MD. So, in light of the fact we had two concerts looming large on the near horizon, we had to move fast.

It is not an easy job these days for choirs to find Musical Directors; good ones are few and far between. This is partly why we took on Adam, two and a half years ago, when he was young and inexperienced. But our faith repaid us, because he more than proved his worth to us, in turning round a choir, whose confidence was, to say the least, a little on the wane. He brought us to where we are today: bigger, better and achieving what our mission statement says above: enjoying singing, for the love of it.

So, could we expect to have another visit from Lady Luck? I think so. In fact we have been blessed.

Our next MD was sitting under our noses. She has been with us for thirteen years, as our pianist; she knows us like the back of her hand and has enough musical nous for all of us. She is of course the lovely and enthusiastic, the very loyal and supportive Mrs Rachel Atkinson. Welcome to the helm, Rachel!

But, amidst these challenging times that beset the Committee of the Waldershelf Singers, our good fortune didn’t stop there. We have also secured the services of a pianist, Claire McAuley, who will also be able to act as Deputy MD, being, as she has been since the beginning of the year, Musical Director of ‘Vivacity‘, another mixed voice choir based in North Sheffield. And she has even more to offer than this, as you will read in a short while.

But there was yet more (good fortune)!

To put the cream on the top of all this good fortune, we also have the services of another talented musician, Daniel Timmins. Daniel is not only able to act as our second pianist, he is in the meantime, singing in the Bass section, very ably conducting us in practice sessions as and when needed, but he also plays the clarinet; and guess what we needed for one of our significant new pieces, ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ … yes … a clarinet solo / accompanist. Brilliant!

So there we are. Ready to go once again.

I shall be reporting on the two concerts shortly. So, please watch this space, because we are very excited about the musicality and variety that is evolving in our performances, particularly as a result, in no small degree, of incoming musical talent and enthusiasm! We are truly blessed!